• World-Class Well Integrity Management

    WellMaster IMS contributing to increased uptime and safe operation of multiple well types. On and offshore, conventional and unconventional.

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  • Well Reliability Analytics

    WellMaster RMS is the globally recognized source of well equipment reliability data, utilized by oil & gas operators world-wide.

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  • Case: Annulus Safety Valve Repair

    Assessing the risk of a failed component

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  • Survival probability calculations made easy

    Recent release of WellMaster RMS boosts improved prediction with Weibull

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WellMaster enables increased production and reduced intervention cost through improved understanding of risk and failures

Reduce Intervention Cost

  • Limit the number &¬†extent of well interventions
  • Design more robust wells & better equipment
  • Optimise field design and intervention¬†intervals
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Increase Production

  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Avoid or limit shut-ins upon barrier failures
  • Extend well lifetimes
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Understand Failures & Risk

  • Benchmark well equipment performance
  • Analyse failures and compromised wells
  • Evaluate the effect of risk reducing measures
  • Know the history of your wells
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Reduce Data Management Cost

  • Automate collection & QA of experience data
  • Automate data mining & reporting
  • Share data across teams, assets & IT system
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