Client cases

Reliability data is used in all phases of the well lifecycle. Systemizing tailored experience data for given operational demands gives a wide variety of areas to improve performance of wells. Below you can find extracts of some of the challenges WellMaster has contributed to solve.

Deepwater Blowout Preventer (BOP) Reliability & Well Kicks

2010 blowout and subsequent spill from the Transocean Deepwater Horizon Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit(MODU) in the US Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (OCS))

Failed XMT Valves – Shut-in or Continue Production?

Two mature fields in the NCS optimizes reservior drainage through remote subsea installations. Subsea installations has historically lower ability for testing and verification of well barriers.

Robust Well Design Required for High Impact Wells

Gas field development with high Impact subsea wells, serving 20% of the UK gas market. Project focused on high reliability wells, with low forecast on intervention activities.

Minimizing Intervention Costs in Field Development

Subsea field development offshore Ghana optimizing intervention frequency. Equipment failures and intervention activities in the operational phase has high risk and cost.

Stuck Safety Valve on High Rate Subsea Oil Producer

A downhole safety valve was stuck in the open position on a high rate subsea oil production well. The options were to temporarily close the well or continue to operate it with the valve open.

Annulus Safety Valve Repair

Regulations in a key oil producing region dictated all gas-lifted wells have annulus safety valves. One producer had many wells with failed ASVs, which would have required expensive repairs and shut-down.

Gas Lift Valves As Barrier Devices

Because gas lift valves were considered primary well barrier devices by a North Sea producer, it was necessary to test these valves on a prescribed schedule. The costly and dangerous testing procedure involved well intervention and setting plugs to discover potential leaks.

X-mas Tree Crossover Valve Leak

Multiple leaking gate valves on a subsea-mounted X-mas tree in the North Sea caused regulatory officials to declare the well should be plugged and abandoned.

Failed XMT Valves – Shut-in or Continue Production?

Subsea installations has historically lower ability for testing and verification of well barriers. Eventual maintenance or risk reducing measures has high cost potential due to the remoteness of the installations.

Gas Lift Required – Evaluate Two Alternative Well Designs

Increasing production in the late life of a field using gas lift. Understanding the risks and selecting the best well design