Regulations in a key oil producing region dictated all gas-lifted wells have annulus safety valves. One producer had many wells with failed ASVs, which would have required expensive repairs and shut-down.

Annulus Safety Valve Repair

 annulus safety valve repair

  1. Can wells safely operate with revised procedures and surface valves as back up?
  2. Is this a safety hazard to personnel due to leaks or explosions?

It was determined the gas-lifted wells could be safely operated using surface (wellhead/x-mas tree) valves and revised operating procedures. The producer successfully petitioned to continue operating the wells under these conditions

Project Outcome:

  • Well failure of gas-lifted wells with ASVs stuck in open position was examined.
  • How long were these wells operated after valve issues were discovered
  • Did gas leaks or explosions result after valve problems were identified

Estimated value:

>$170 million 

avoided repairs