Key words:

  • Gahna
  • Subsea
  • Field Development
  • Intervention Cost
  • Intervention strategy


Subsea field development offshore Ghana optimizing intervention frequency. Equipment failures and intervention activities in the operational phase has high risk and cost.

Minimizing Intervention Costs in Field Development

Developing subsea fields involves risk of high intervention costs in the operational phase. To reduce this risk, wellmaster is used to predict intervention requirements for different field layouts/well designs, with use of failure experiences.

To create value, the failure predictions is joined with the proposed strategy for interventions on the field. By pairing this type of information, the operator received a clear picture on intervention cost with the proposed well designs.

The project was performed with iterations of information and analysis basis, between the operator and Exprosoft, leading to a flexible and targeted project delivery.


Costs used as a baseline for the project:

Full Workover: $65 Mill
Partial Workover: $57 Mill
Light intervention: $17.5 Mill
IMR Well Work: $850 000 ( per operation)
Risk Exposure of the interventions (High – Low)

Wellmaster Contribution:

  • Forecast of intervention frequency over 15 years of operation
  • Forecast of intervention costs (tot. $741m with current interv. Strategy in 15 yeras)
  • Forecast of well uptime (97% with current interv. Strategy)

Project Outcome:

  • Decision support when it comes to:
  • Well Design
  • Field Layout
  • Rig/barge contract strategies

Estimated value: