Key words:

  • Norway
  • Subsea
  • Gas field
  • High demand
  • High Reliability
  • Dual DHSV


Gas field development with high Impact subsea wells, serving 20% of the UK gas market. Project focused on high reliability wells, with low forecast on intervention activities.

Robust Well Design Required for High Impact Wells

Designing reliable wells is a challenging task, due to diversed conditions between different fields, putting various demands to the equipment installed.

Wellmaster was used in development of one of the largest gas fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. The field supports 20% of the UK gas market requiring highly reliable wells.

 Wellmaster Contribution:

  • Intervention Requirement Screening with goal of optimizing intervention demand due to costly operations on deep waters (1000m).
  • Reliability & cost evaluation of dual DHSV well design.
  • Reliability Qualification for Large Bore 7” Downhole Safety Valves
  • Risk Assessment of Subsea X-mas Trees
  • Risk evaluation of well barriers
  • SCSSV Testing Study

Project Outcome:

  • First well in operation: Q2, 2007
  • TR-SCSSV Operational history to date: approx. 160 valve-years
  • Number of TR-SCSSV failures as of May 2014: 0
  • Prediction made in 2005/2006: 0.39 TR-SCSSV related workovers per well over 20 yrs. Lifetime, i.e. approx. 4 WO per 10 wells over lifetime

Estimated value:

> $ 200 million