A downhole safety valve was stuck in the open position on a high rate subsea oil production well. The options were to temporarily close the well or continue to operate it with the valve open.

Stuck Safety Valve on High Rate Subsea Oil Producer



It would take 8 weeks to relocate a service vessel for repair work.

  1. Can the well safely operate using back up surface valves?
  2. How long can the well be operated in this condition?

Findings from WellMaster queries were used in a quantitative risk assessment to address key questions.

  • Well failure data of similar wells with SCSSV valve problems was examined.
  • How long were these wells safely operated after valve issues were discovered?

Project Outcome:

  • well could be safely operated using the stuck open downhole safety valve open until repair services could be performed.

Estimated value:

> $19 million  

producer was able to recover 30,000 BPD of crude oil during the 8-week period, for a total gain of 240,000 barrels