Code of Conduct


Trust and credibility are essential to be able to achieve our corporate goals.

We will do so by creating and maintaining a culture based on high ethical standards, so that no one will be able to question our integrity. The company’s personnel are its most important resource.

The code of conduct applies to ExproSoft employees, directors and contract personnel working on behalf of Exprosoft.

ExproSoft Community


Sound judgment, care and consideration with respect to HSE issues, must always be applied during in-house, external, or foreign work and operations. Also knowledge to established HSE rules and regulations for the given location or area shall be gained and followed.

Human rights

Social behavior is to be based on mutual respect and understanding of the governing values of ExproSoft and respect for human rights. ExproSoft supports and respects internationally proclaimed human rights including the UN Declaration and conventions on human rights.

Respect and openness

Everyone shall contribute to a working environment with open and trustworthy communication, which will promote active participation and dialogue, constructive feedback and acceptance of different opinions.


Discrimination is not tolerated in any form (on the basis of gender, religion, race, nationality, ethnic origin, cultural background, handicap, sexual orientation, marital status or political views) that you, colleagues or our clients and business connections or others can perceive as harassment or degrading.

Drugs and alcohol

ExproSoft is a drug-free working environment, which means that no one shall be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicating substances at work, both within the ExproSoft’s own offices and in or at any clients’ work premises wherever that may be.

Small amounts of alcohol may, however, be served on special occasions where appropriate in the context of local culture and traditions (e.g. lunch meetings, dinners, conferences, celebrations), and where alcohol consumption will not be combined with driving, equipment operations or witnessing tasks, decision makings, work and discussion meetings and presentations.




Our Relationships

Client relations

Client relations shall be honest, trustworthy and reflect the values of ExproSoft. Conflict of interests with a client or clients must always be brought to the notice of the CEO, and the Management shall promote a working environment where bringing up such issues is encouraged.

Corruption and bribery

Corruption is not accepted in any form in the business, operations and work activities of ExproSoft. Bribes shall always be avoided during business operations and work activities in Norway and foreign countries, and shall not be accepted under any given circumstances at any time.  All forms of corruption are prohibited under Norwegian law. Such prohibition is fully applicable to Norwegian nationals and persons registered as domiciled in Norway who are engaged in business activities abroad. Norway have signed the OECD Anti-Bribery convention and are required to have in place legislation that criminalizes the act of bribing a foreign public official.

Protection of values and confidentiality

Sufficient protection of rights and values, property and information shall always be maintained on behalf of ExproSoft and its clients, both physically, through agreements (confidentiality) and through the spoken and written word. Careless talk and discussions in the public domain where others may obtain or access restricted information shall always be avoided.


Modest gifts and courtesy items may be accepted within common and normal socially acceptable norms, but be limited to smaller values not exceeding 500 NOK. Monetary gifts are not to be accepted at all. If any doubt, always ask your superior for permission.

Conflict of interests

No employees shall have or acquire shares or other interests in companies and business operations outside ExproSoft that are in direct or related competition with ExproSoft and its business strategy and plans.


Media relations are the responsibility of the CEO, unless otherwise agreed on a case-to-case basis between the CEO and ExproSoft employees. Any media enquiry or contact should always be through the CEO.