WellMaster Products

The WellMaster products increase well uptime by leveraging well reliability experience for improved decisions through all phases of the well life cycle, from field planning to P&A.

WellMaster RMS (Reliability Management System)

  • The world's largest database of reliability data for well and subsea equipment
  • Identify down-time drivers and trends
  • Collect and structure well equipment experience and failure data
  • Cloud-based solution with an efficient and user friendly interface
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WellMaster IMS (Integrity Management System)

  • Reduce non-productive time due to well risk and failures
  • Shared understanding & reporting of well integrity status across global operations
  • Used by operators of conventional and unconventional wells (offshore & onshore)
  • Increase asset information & awareness in a sales process
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Miriam RAM Studio

  • Achieve Significant Reductions in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Optimize Availability vs Costs
  • Secure Production According to License/Agreements
  • Optimize Maintenance
  • Optimize Logistics
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