Miriam RAM Studio

Cloud-based production performance simulation for the oil & gas and process industries

  • Achieve Significant Reductions in CAPEX and OPEX
  • Optimize Availability vs Costs
  • Secure Production According to License/Agreements
  • Optimize Maintenance
  • Optimize Logistics

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RAM Analytics Made Easy

Miriam RAM Studio is the most powerful and flexible RAM simulation tool on the market. The hosted platform allows for unprecedented availability and integration capabilities, that boasts collaboration and analytics-based decision making.

Miriam RAM Studio has the rare combination of a user friendly interface on top of a versatile modelling tool that allows for unlimited inputs and simulation attributes. This results in an application that is suitable for both small and large projects – from simulating the effect of adding a barrier valve in an oil & gas well, to a full-scale blaming analysis of the total upstream production from downhole through processing facility.

RAM for Oil & Gas

Miriam RAM Studio is developed with high production/high cost industries in mind. The oil & gas sector has great potential for increasing uptime and reduction cost through RAM modelling. Here are just a few examples:

  • Early-phase: Evaluate availability vs. cost of well designs, subsea systems, topside processing, and more
  • Modifications: Simulate planned modifications to identify the influence of an individual item in the loss of production.
  • Maintenance optimization: Compare maintenance and repair strategies to optimize cost vs. uptime

Cloud & SaaS

Miriam RAM Studio is a cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service solution, which means no on-premises installation, no additional IT maintenance cost, and always the latest version available. New developments has a rapid deployment, which means short time from feature requests to available functionality. The application is securely hosted by Google Cloud, for industry-leading data security and system uptime.


Collaboration Platform

RAM analyses are often a part of projects with multiple stakeholder from various companies and locations. Miriam RAM Studio caters to this by allowing full collaboration within the application itself. Gone are the days of file exports/imports in multiple versions; RAM Studio allows all models, equipment, and data to be reused, shared, and modified between users at various stages of the project life cycle. Utilizing RAM Studio ensures that all parties are working on the same version and speak the same language, no matter where in the world they are.


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Statoil use Miriam RAM Studio as the standardised tool from planning through execution phase in order to support the decision process in investment projects.

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