WellMaster IMS (Integrity Management System)

Increase uptime and ensure safe operations with improved well integrity management

  • Reduce non-productive time due to well risk and failures
  • Shared understanding & reporting of well integrity status across global operations
  • Used by operators of conventional and unconventional wells (offshore & onshore)
  • Increase asset information & awareness in a sales process

Key facts

For an operator, increased production by


due to improved understanding of well barriers

Designed for global operations of

Conventional & Unconventional

wells (onshore and offshore)

Ensures compliance with standards such as


ISO/DIS 16530-1

Complete Single-System Overview

WellMaster IMS is the oil & gas operator’s single window to the status of all operating assets. Multiple dashboards allow for drill-down navigation and extensive filtering in order to prioritize resources, identify high risk wells, and report on sub-sets across assets.

WellMaster IMS allows the operator to minimize planned interventions and shut-ins by operating according to individual well design limits. Key integrity indicators (such as temperature, pressure, H2S, water cut, etc.) are matched against the wells’ individual Safe Operating Envelope (SOE) and MAASP/MAWOP limits, which triggers alarms and notifications if breached.

Reporting on all levels – from corporate and regulations, to field operations – are standardized and automated in WellMaster IMS. Say goodbye to several days of man-hours spent on that monthly report, and pull out a report with the latest well information and KPIs in just seconds. In a standard format, globally across all assets.

Full Well History

WellMaster IMS contains the full operational and well integrity history of each individual well. All changes in operational status, well risk, annuli status, and more, are captured and readily available with all supporting documentation.

WellMaster IMS contains information that bridges the gap between drilling, well operations, well interventions, and well integrity. The well history is crucial for anyone new to managing the asset, or as an action log between crew change.

The complete well track record also increase the value of assets during a sales process. WellMaster IMS contains information on all barrier failures, deviations, integrity assessments, handovers, and actions, providing structure and easy access to information normally found in storage boxes.

WellMaster IMS is now available in the cloud!

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Ensure Compliance

WellMaster IMS comes pre-configured according to the NORSOK D-010 and OLF-117 guidelines, and is easily configured to a corporate standard. The solution helps the operator adhere to applicable international regulations, and be ready for any required reporting to the PSA or other regulatories.

Continuous monitoring

WellMaster IMS integrates with current enterprise and proprietary record keeping systems, providing engineers and management with key integrity indicators in one single application. Operational conditions such as pressure, temperature, and valve position are continuously monitored against defined operational limits.

Standard failure handling & risk rank

Implementing the risk rank matrix within WellMaster IMS will ensure that well failures and anomalies are handled according to the corporate standard. When a failure is registered, the system brings the user through a work-flow for defining the proper action, set the correct integrity risk rank, and follow-up that work is done according to well integrity standards.

“For a new person on a field, getting the understanding of the well history is extremely important”

Petroleum engineer

Onshore and offshore well integrity and workovers

WellMaster IMS is a dashboard for all things well integrity, creating common understanding and issue mitigation across fields and assets. The system allows all stakeholders to work together as an informed and empowered team to ensure safe and reliable well operations.

Industry leaders have predicted the number of operating oil and gas wells worldwide will double within ten years. Keeping up with well integrity data is becoming an arduous task for managers whose job is to ensure that wells are properly maintained within safe operating envelopes.

You can’t manage what you don’t know, and knowing the status and operating history of your well inventory is a multibillion dollar industry challenge. The first challenge of well integrity management is to create a culture of shared knowledge and responsibility for the safe and reliable operation of a company’s oil and gas assets.

Not only is it important to give all interested parties quick and equal access to well integrity information, it’s also necessary to spell out responsibilities, authority limits and decision workflows. The more people who can see the bigger well integrity picture (both global and regional), the better your chances for staying on top of things.

It has also been demonstrated that early use of well integrity tools and reporting systems can increase production from a well or field. Instead of waiting to implement well integrity programs for mature fields, oil and gas producers are putting these systems in place from the beginning. If the objective is to keep wells operating at maximum production and with minimum downtime, an integrated well integrity management system will provide significant returns on the investment.

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