Increase Production

  • Reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • Avoid or limit shut-ins upon barrier failures
  • Extend well lifetimes

“We decided to operate our late life field for 5 more years based on actual failure experiences from WellMaster.“

Well Intergrity Manager, Oil & gas operator in Norway

Key facts

Annual loss in production due to well-related issues


and that is not including shut-ins due to well integrity

Offshore annual loss in production


on a platform with 25 wells producing 50 kbbl/day

Onshore annual loss in production


for an operator with 300 wells producing 5 kbbl/day


Vast resources are left in the ground every year due to production loss, both onshore and offshore. A certain loss in production is inevitable, but experience shows that a large part of the non-productive time (NPT) can be avoided through better planning of maintenance and replacements, more preventative maintenance, and a deeper understanding of the well equipment reliability.


WellMaster increases production by providing decision-support to limit unnecessary NPT.

Increasing Production with WellMaster

WellMaster enables engineers to make better decisions through understanding well equipment reliability, and predicting future equipment related issues. Information is available on all levels, from operator and asset down to single equipment, and provides valuable input to multiple parts of the organization.

Increased production through lowering the NPT has a life-cycle approach, and WellMaster provides input in all stages.

WellMaster - Life cycle approach

The Results

Implementing WellMaster within the organization can lead to increased production through significant reduction in well-related NPT.

  • Less costly and time-consuming interventions
    Use well equipment experience data to identify and mitigate potential issues before it fails
  • More efficient NPT and rig time
    Identify maintenance requirements on nearby wells, and batch maintenance/replacement work
  • More accurate production forecast for mature fields
    Use experience data in life extension calculations, and to estimate remaining life of maturing fields
  • Design more robust wells
    Use WellMaster for OPEX-calculations, and get design wells that fit the the field’s operational philosophy

“The degree of data driven decisions and preventive maintenance is increasing, but there is still a lot of “wait until it breaks” mentality.”

Well Integrity Manager