Understand Failures & Risk

  • Benchmark well equipment performance
  • Analyse failures and compromised wells
  • Evaluate the effect of risk reducing measures
  • Know the history of your wells

“We want to bring our experience with the wells back to the ones designing them, so they can give us even more reliable wells to operate.“

Well Integrity Specialist

Well equipment serve as the main barriers between the hydrocarbons in the reservoir and the surroundings. When the equipment fails, it has potentially large consequences on the environment, profits, and the safety of personnel. While efforts on minimizing the consequences of such occurrences are important, avoiding them altogether is part of the strive for excellence in operations.

Understanding Failures & Risk with WellMaster

WellMaster aids operators on their challenging decision making, and provides answers to questions that are often left blank. By managing the equipment data, WellMaster ensures it is all categorized and organized in a defined format, allowing the like for like comparison of wells and equipment. This provides a standardized presentation of the well history that is accessible and understandable, and ensures that key historical data is taken into consideration at the next well or equipment issue. Operators can benchmark equipment performance both internally (between assets, fields and wells), and against the industry.

Understanding failures and risk with WellMaster

WellMaster provides equipment reliability analysis based on real experience data, presenting a detailed risk picture where both consequences and related probability are drawn.

The Results

Utilizing WellMaster for analysing failures and understanding equipment history allows for proactive management and planning.

  • Adding precision to decision
    WellMaster provides data-based decision support, backed by real experience data
  • Knowledge transfer between personnel
    The hosted solution is readily available for all personnel, allowing knowledge transfer between assets, departments, and new hires
  • Fix or drill?
    Understand cost of keep producing vs. new wells or P&A

“Well integrity is the bread and butter, if you do not manage it properly you put your wells at risk”

Remco Donders

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